The Importance of Google Places For Small Business Marketing

As a small business owner you will soon find the importance of Google Places as a local marketing tool. Google places is user-friendly, doesn’t require an ivy league education, and most of all its free and drives local customers to your local business, after all this is your goal. Your not competing with the world you want local customers in your area to come to your local business. All you need is a physical location and this in turn integrates with the Google Map.

Here you can add your business information such as your business working hours, phone information, physical address, the areas around you that you want to service, website information, photos, videos can all be added to your Google Places. You can also add reviews and ratings and gives your potential customers a good overall opinion of what your business is all about. Of course these rating and reviews should all be genuine.

The benefits of using Google Places is far reaching.

  • Reach lots of local customers who are Google users searching for your local business for free.
  • Even if your business already shows up on Google, you still need to verify your listing and make sure all your business details are accurate.
  • Your Google Places listing is easy, so easy even a cave man could do it, even if you do not have a website. You can visit your Google Places anytime to actually see how many people have seen your listing.
  • Add custom photos, videos, service area, what you sell or service, location, coupons.
  • If you own a business you already know the basics and more, sign-up is easy, they will ask you to verify your information by phone or postcard. (I recommend by phone). You can sign up here.
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